CR Wall selects SAP Business One

CR Wall SAP Business One

In order to enhance customer support and help fuel future growth and service offerings, CR Wall is proud to announce that they have selected Forgestik to provide guidance for the implementation of SAP Business One.

Don’t let your pressure control get ‘Droop-y’

Are you having problems with your fuel gas delivery system, burner train or the gas supply to your boiler? What is ‘Droop’ and how is it caused? An issue often referred to as ‘droop’ occurs when demand overwhelms the pressure control regulator. To be specific, when the immediate or continuous demand is near the regulator’s […]

Why Natural Gas is Here to Stay

Natural gas is a trusted energy source that has been around for many years and has recently experienced a surge in utilization. This source delivers many advantages to consumers from efficiency, affordability, reliability and many others. Innovation is crucial to keep this resource competitive within the energy industry and its popularity is pertinent to Canada […]

Automatic Lubrication Made Easy

It’s hard to believe the first month of 2018 is already over, no need to fret just yet, there are still 11 more months left to make a positive impact on your business or team. A common objective for the new year might be to increase operational efficiencies- if so, we can certainly help in […]

Looking for a Top-of-the-Line Chromatograph? The Search is Over

If you’re looking for one of the most precise gas chromatographs on the markets, you don’t have to look much further! The Elster EnCal 3000 by Honeywell Elster is specifically designed for natural gas energy measurement and has plenty to boast about; from C₆ measurements within 3 minutes, C₉ within 5 minutes, repeatability on BTU […]

Natural Gas Vs. Wind Electricity

Energy is a crucial part of our everyday lives, and that fact is often overlooked by those who are not involved in the energy industry. However, there is a growing awareness among the general population about the importance of minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. Due to concerns such as these, and despite hefty prices, renewable sources […]

Natural Gas Vs. Hydro Electricity

Energy- we as consumers need it to survive. The demand for energy in our modern world is ever-increasing. The pursuit now involves finding the most efficient, reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly options available. Renewables are growing in popularity for obvious reasons but they do come at a high price. On a related note, did you […]

Natural Gas Vs. Solar Electricity

A contentious issue globally, and within the energy industry in particular, is the need to reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. One way to address this concern is by incorporating more clean energy into our energy mix. As shown in the chart below Canada’s current energy mix reveals that natural gas provides […]