CR Wall Gas Academy

Education and Training

Through a combination of in-person and virtual programs, the CR Wall Gas Academy provides customers with training on a variety of topics and disciplines at varying level of experience and expertise.

By providing the right products, services and knowledge, our customers are better equipped and prepared to deliver natural gas in a safe, efficient, cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner.

The CR Wall Gas Academy both reinforces and highlights our company’s mission to make our customers better.

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We are working hard on our next series of high-quality educational events and programs.

Our Fall 2021 schedule will be available shortly.
Please check back often for future updates and events.

 Past Events

Odorization for RNG

Odorization for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Join us as we discuss the emergence of biogas and renewable natural gas and what it means for odorization. Understand the complexities associated with typical applications including landfills, waste water and digesters and how GPL Odorizers is working to ensure accurate and environmentally friendly odorization is achieved with this emerging industry trend.

June, 2021

Broen PE Ball Valves

The Fundamentals of PE Ball Valves for Gas Distribution Systems

Presented by Ben Marchisio from Broen Valves, attendees will be introduced to the use of PE valves in gas distribution including the standards, what to expect and the future of PE in gas distribution systems.

June, 2021

Sealweld Valve Performance

Valve Performance: The Basics

Presented by Lee Krywitsky from Sealweld, attendees will gain knowledge and insights into the factors that impact valves as well as the products and tools needed to support initiatives aimed at reducing emissions while increasing the performance, safety and integrity of gas distribution systems.

June, 2021

Sealweld Valve 102 Ball Valves

Virtual Valve Training – Valve Maintenance 102
Ball Valves

Help prolong valve life and ensure the safety and integrity of your gas distribution systems. This two-session training course covers ball valve design and features plus maintenance best practices and common trouble-shooting issues. 

May 5 & 6, 2021

Broen API 6D Valves & Best Practices

API 6D Valves & Best Practices

Learn about the API 6D Standard and the different types of valves and their associated features. Plus get the latest information related to common pitfalls when selecting valves for natural gas delivery, as well as best practices including handling, storage, commissioning and more.

April, 2021

Sealweld Valve 102 Plug Valves

Virtual Valve Training – Valve Maintenance 102
Plug Valves

Instructed by Joe Pirkl from Sealweld, this live and interactive training program provides attendees with an introduction to lubricated plug valves, including troubleshooting common issues and maintenance best practices. 

April 7 & 8, 2021

Sealweld Virtual Valve Training - Valve 101

Virtual Valve Training – Valve Maintenance 101

In partnership with Sealweld, this live and interactive training program is designed to introduce and instruct operations personnel on the safe and effective method of servicing in-line valves.

March 30 & 31, 2021

Georg Fischer Co-Pilot

Introducing the Co-Pilot Meter ByPass System

Join us as Roger Rutherford from Georg Fischer Central Plastics, introduces the Co-Pilot Meter ByPass System. A self-contained and tamper-proof solution, the Co-Pilot allows a gas meter to be safely and easily replaced without interrupting service or the need to enter a residence.

February, 2021

Teledyne GMI GS700

The Enhanced GS700 Portable Gas Detector 

Get an exclusive look at the new features found in the enhanced GS700 Portable Gas Detector. Patricia Kittelberger & Ken McDermott from Teledyne Gas Measurement Instruments (GMI) provide attendees with an overview of the new features and how they’re preparing for the future.

January, 2021

Honeywell Wireless Pressure Monitoring

Next Generation Wireless Pressure Monitoring Solutions

Get an in-depth look at the features and benefits associated with Honeywell remote monitoring and data acquisition systems including examples and lessons learned from the field. 

January, 2021

Sealweld Introduction to Virtual Valve Training

Introduction to Virtual Valve Training

Presented by Joe Pirkl, Sealweld’s Global Training & Technical Program Director, this presentation addresses the importance of valve training and the role it plays in safety, integrity, performance and reduction of fugitive emissions. Viewers will learn the importance of Virtual Valve Training and help you identify where training and best practices can help your organization.

December, 2020

What Causes Pinholes in PE Gas Pipe

What Causes Pinholes in PE Gas Pipe?

Presented by Dirk Smith; this presentation addresses the causes of pinholes in PE gas service pipe, with the goal being to better equip your organization to address this problem in field operations.

October, 2020

Introducing the GPL 750 Odorizer

Introducing the GPL 750 Odorizer

This complimentary webinar introduces the GPL 750 and how it addresses the challenges of odorization in low flow or no flow intermittent gas flow systems. Utilizing patented drip technology to inject a fixed volume of mercaptan (odorant) into the gas stream, this precise injection system ensures accurate and repeatable odorization at varying flow rates. It is simple in design, eco-responsible and SMART, offering remote data and control capabilities.

October, 2020