The RABO Rotary Gas Meter

What is a Rotary Gas Meter?

Measure ranges and compact dimensions. They are extremely accurate, even if the gas flow is low or irregular.

What is the RABO?

The new RABO Rotary Gas Meter from Honeywell/Elster is a highly accurate rotary meter, that combines all desired market requirements in one simple design. Rotary-All-By-One, literally has it all.

Having an integrated design that allows other instruments to be mounted on the RABO, is a distinguishing feature to this product. The RABO is extremely precise and has a body design that is strong enough to resist weather changes (that often can cause glitches in similar products performance).  It is available in four different meter sizes to fit specific user needs.

This gas meter pairs very well with some of our current line of products, the EC 350 PTZ Gas Volume Corrector and the Mercury TCI. The EC 350 PTZ measures both pressure and temperature, is simple to use and ensures high accuracy. The Mercury TCI measures temperature and provides a reliable index replacement for mechanical TC indexes. This device is also compatible with the Mini AT and Mini Max.

RABO edited.png

How it Works

The RABO meter operates by using the positive displacement principle of operation which makes volumetric measurements by displacing finite volumes of gas through its internal impellers. This product works to measure most types of clean, dry, non-corrosive common gases. It shouldn’t be used for any liquids, biogas, sewage gas, oxygen, or acetylene.

The RABO has a few new added benefits some of which include: reduced operating costs due to longer maintenance intervals, increased cyclic volume for reducing the pressure loss, and lower piston speed for low-noise operation. And many more! You may just have to test it out for yourself and see how Rockin’ this RABO is.