Mike Shannon, Vice President of Distribution Operations at Union Gas said "we took a sustainable approach to site, building and systems design because one of our key commitments as a company is to be a leader in environmental conservation.  We're especially mindful of this because nature provides the fuel that we deliver to our customers".  "The result is a spectacular facility that is our most energy-efficient new build to-date, and one in which our employees will be happy and proud to work every day."

Other highlights  of the facility, which will be home to 80 employees include:access to daylight from more than 90 percent of the occupied spaces, An innovative solar wall on the south side that supplements the building's heating system and a green roof above the cafeteria, which reduces space cooling loads.  A water management system that uses about 70 percent less water than a conventional building.  Automated building control systems that manage heating and cooling, lighting, security and plumbing systems for maximum efficiency, shutting down unnecessary power when a building is unoccupied.

GasCov is proud to be exhibited in their leading edge technical training centre to train and educate employees using the latest practical and theoretical learning tools.  GasCov (gas meter cover), hides and protects the gas meter while adding to the curb appeal of a home.  Please take a minute to check out  this unique, 'green' GasCov on their website