CGA Energy Magazine: CR Wall Company Profile

Recently featured in the Canadian Gas Association’s (CGA) ENERGY magazine, CR Wall had the opportunity to share a little bit of information about who we are, how we operate and where we see the gas energy industry heading in Canada. Here is what we had to say:

“CR Wall, founded in Southern Ontario in 1981, has become a significant player in Canada’s gas energy industry. With a 45,000+ sq. ft distribution center in Cambridge, Ontario and a Sales and Distribution Centre in Calgary, Alberta, CR Wall provides products, solutions and services from coast to coast while emphasizing innovative and sustainable practices paired with excellent customer service.

Spearheaded by a team of 40 experts from various fields, CR Wall’s goal over the next five years is to transform the Canadian gas energy sector. Our mission is deeply rooted in the customer experience and we want to foster both value and knowledge with each customer’s engagement. CR Wall is not simply a provider of products, but a partner committed to environmental consciousness, working with global manufacturing leaders to offer the best suitable and feasible solutions. By merging sustainability with innovation, we are adopting new technologies while adapting to regulations and setting a high standard in green, customer-focused operations.

In the coming decades, we envision a world where natural gas is an eco-friendly bridge transitioning from traditional fossil fuels to renewable energy. It is a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative, especially in sectors where complete electrification is challenging. As we navigate the changing landscape of clean energy, we remain committed to environmental protection, technological advancement, and exceptional customer service, working towards a sustainable and cost efficient energy future that benefits all stakeholders.”

Read the full ENERGY magazine issue here: Energy Policy Magazine – Issue 2, 2023 (