The Utilitray™ provides a portable and adjustable work space. Using the Utilitray™ eliminates the need to balance tools, laptops, meters, gauges and spare parts on top of a pipe while working. Pipeline technicians love the user friendly design and ease of operation. Using Utilitray™ on site makes for a clean, safer and more efficient workspace.

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A Utilitray has the following features:

  • Portable and adjustable pipeline tray for Technicians
  • 18" by 14" work area (252 square inches / 1.75 square feet)
  • Adjusts to fit 2” through 8” pipe (8.625” maximum diameter)
  • Protect delicate and valuable instruments
  • Will not damage pipe coatings
  • Weatherproof in all climates
  • Neoprene grip pads hold on tight and are resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • Bonded rubber tray surface
  • Powder coated chassis
  • Drainage ports at corners
  • Weighs 7½ pounds
  • Rugged design supports up to 50 lbs. (22.7 kg)
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