Polyethylene Ball Valves for Natural Gas

BROEN BALLOMAX® Polyethylene (PE) Ball Valves


  • Comprehensive size range
  • Valves with the largest port size in the industry
  • 100% plastic valve with no metal parts: no corrosion, no fluid contamination
  • Extra-long ends allowing for multiple fusions
  • Rugged and reliable design (extra-heavy valves)
  • Built-in heavy-duty stops
  • Fabrication and extended pups through our partners in the USA

PE Ball Valves Specifications

Technical Data
Valve Description
Injection molded Polyethylene Valves with butt fusing ends
PE 80/PE 2708 Medium Density Yellow by Borealis
PE 100/PE 4710 Plus/Extra High Density Black by Dow
Size Range
1/2″ up to 16″
Additional Notes
Main Technical References: B 16.40, ASTM 1988
Temperature range of this valve is -20F up to 140F
Gear boxes available for larger sizes
Barcode per ASTM F2897 available upon request