Cost-effective, planet-friendly Odorization with the GPL 10000

The GPL 10000 is intended for high-pressure and high-volume applications at transmission companies and large city gate stations. The odorizer has high rangeability, achieving precision odorization over a wide operating range of volume. The industry-leading programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaces with the flow meter and its system components to maintain continuous odorant injection proportional to the gas flow rate.



  • Environmentally friendly – no gas actuates the system – clean, sealed, and ventless
    • Lowers false leak-call complaints
    • Saves pipeline gas
  • High rangeability (100:1 turndown)
  • Accurate over a wide range of gas flows and pressures
  • Few moving parts
  • Dual stroke electric bellows pump
  • Saves time and money with remote monitoring, real-time communications, and efficient reporting
    • No additional software required
    • Mobile alerts to smartphone and PC
    • Wireless modem
  • Interfaces with SCADA Systems
  • Remote communication (using Modbus or wireless modem)
      • Real-time mobile alerts
      • Online monitoring
  • Industry-leading PLC
      • Intuitive 7” color touchscreen
      • SD card data storage
  • Simple, cost-effective, competitively priced, easy to maintain and operate
      • Low maintenance and long-lasting performance

GPL 10000 Specifications

Technical Data
194 lb. (88 kg)
Typical: 24 VDC; 0.036 HP; 27.05 W Maximum: 24 VDC; 0.193 HP; 124.8 W
Optional: AC
Gas Pipeline Pressure
Up to 1480 PSI (102 Bar)
Odorant Blanket Pressure
20 PSI (1 to 2 Bar)
Data Logging
Hourly archives with audit trail; FTP data retrieval; internal micro SD storage
304 stainless steel
Hazardous Area Classification
Standard: Cl I Div 2, Groups C and D
Overall Dimensions
32 1/2” (H) x 25 5/8” (W) x 10 7/8” (D); 82.55 cm x 65.09 cm x 27.62 cm
Odorant Injection Rate, Continuous
From 2.4 MMSCFD to 240 MMSCFD (at an injection rate of 0.5 lb./MMSCFH)
Odorant Injection Rate, Batch
From 480 MSCFD to 2.4 MMSCFD (at an injection rate of 0.5 lb./MMSCFH)
Myers hub: (2) 3/4 in NPT; (1) 1/2 in NPT Odorant outlet, odorant return, odorant inlet: 1/4 in comp
Operating Temperature Range
0 to 140˚F (-18 to 60°C) Optional: Heater assembly available for below 0°F (-18°C)
User Interface Options
320×240 LCD Color Graphics Display with Touch Screen
IP Remote Communication