The Messenger Modem excels in harsh gas industry environments

Mercury Instruments Messenger Modem addresses the natural gas industry’s need for flexible and reliable remote communications. The modem’s low-power circuitry and unique features offer solutions for a wide range of field applications.

The Messenger Modem typically installs inside the case of Mercury’s standard electronic correctors or pressure recorders. You can also mount it separately in its own enclosure – with or without I.S. barriers. Use this modem in situations that require a durable, low-power, Hayes-compatible modem.


Messenger Modem Features

  • Small size – just 4”x2.5” (10cmx6.35cm)
  • Harsh temperature range from -40 C to 65.5 C (– 40 F to 150 F)
  • Modulation range up to 2400 baud
  • Low-power circuitry for battery sharing capability with any Mercury electronic instrument
  • CMOS or RS-232 instrument interface
  • Compatible with analog cellular transceivers
  • Standby power mode conserves power – unit activates with RS-232 signal or ring voltage
  • LED indicators show modem status and power condition for field diagnostics
  • 3-wire and 5-wire compatibility for optimum operating flexibility
  • Retrofit kits for easy installation in Mercury ECAT, Mini, ER, Mini-Max or Mini-AT instruments