Safety and reliability with the Constant Pressure Calibration Cylinder

The Welker CP-2GM Constant Pressure Calibration Cylinder is the most effective solution for containing and maintaining calibration standards. Our cylinder provides safety, reliability, and convenience to calibration standards used in laboratories world wide.

Constant Pressure Calibration Cylinder Features

  • Proven safety in cylinder design
  • Maintains the integrity of the calibration standard
  • Internal Gravity Mixer™
  • Visual capacity magnetic indicator
  • DOT and Transport Canada approved for transportation
  • Manufactured with over 40 years of industry-leading expertise and design

Constant Pressure Calibration Cylinder Specifications

Technical data
Materials Of Construction
316/316L Stainless Steel
Seal Material Options
Sample Inlet Connections
1/4″ FNPT
Sample Outlet Connections
1/4″ FNPT
Cylinder Volume
1000 cc
Cylinder Mixer Type
Gravity Mixer
Cylinder Accessories
Rupture Disc, Reliefs, Valves, and Gauges
Operating Pressure
1800 PSIG MAOP @ -20 F to 120 F
Transport Approvals
DOT-SP 7657
Transport Canada SU 4781
Industry Standards
Complied with API 8.1, API 14.1, ASTM D1265, ASTM D3700, ASTM D4057, GPA 2166, GAP 2174, ISO 3170, ISO 4257 and ISO 10715
Transport Approvals
DOT-SP 7657