Safety and efficiency with the Dilock Slam Shut Valve

The Dilock Slam Shut Valve is a safety device (SAV) which quickly shuts off gas flow when the pressure it is monitoring reaches a pre-set limit due to any anomaly in the system, or when required by the operator at installation point or from remote point. The shut off is both over pressure & under pressure.


Dilock Slam Shut Features

  • Manual push-button control
  • Intervention on pressure increase and/or decrease
  • Option for pneumatic or electromagnetic remote control
  • Manual re-setting with internal by-pass activated by the manoeuvring lever
  • Possibility of application of devices for intervention remote signal (contact switches or proximity switches
  • Small overall size

Dilock Slam Shut Specifications

Technical data
Accuracy Class
AG ± 5% on the value of the pressure setting
Available Size
Dilock75: Rp 1”x1”
Dilock 125: Rp 1” x 1”1/2
Dilock 160: Rp 1”1/4 x 1”1/4
Dilock 250: 2” x 2”
Operating Gas Temperature
– 10 °C to + 60 °C
Ambient Temperature
– 20 °C to + 60 °C
Maximum Inlet Pressure
275 PSI
Outlet Pressure Range of Wd
3 to 550 kPa 12″WC – 80 PSI
Flanging class 150RF according to ANSI B 16.5
Top entry design allows an easy periodical maintenance without removing the body from the pipeline