Efficient gas analysis results with the GasLab Q2 chromatograph

The Honeywell Elster GasLab Q2 gas chromatograph determines the calorific value, Wobbe index and other parameters in natural gas. One major application is control of the gas turbine of power plants to optimize efficiency, pollutant emissions and system load with fluctuating gas qualities. Another application is gas blending for managing the gas specifications in transportation.


GasLab Q2 Features

  • Determination of main gas parameters: calorific value/Wobbe index/density/ CO2 concentration/methane number
  • Flameless: no air or carrier gas needed
  • Fast, continuous measurement
  • Easy operation
  • Small footprint: Low investment and maintenance costs

GasLab Q2 Gas Chromatograph Specifications

Technical data
Measurement Uncertainty
Hs, Ws, r: ≤0.5%, xCO2: ≤0.2mol%
Hs, Ws, r: ≤0.1%, xCO2: ≤0.1mol%
Calibration Gas
Methane (purity ≥3.5) with automatic calibration cycle
Gas Manifold
Integrated 2-channel double-block and bleed gas manifold for process and calibration gas
Operational Pressure/ Consumption
Inlet pressure 7 to 72 psi, 0.7…11 scft/h (total including adjustable bypass flow)
Analysis rate f=1 Hz, reaction time t90≤10 s (90% step response)
Power Supply
24 VDC ± 10%, max. 40 W (32 to +131°F), max. 80 W (-13 to +131°F)
IP64, -13 to +131°F, 0-95%RH (non-condensing)
1x TCP/IP, 2x RS485 interface, 4 digital outputs, 2 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs Modbus via TCP/IP and serial
Data Logger
Integrated logging of measurements as mean values (e.g. on hourly basis) or current values. Integrated logging of measurement system status and external events
Operational Interface
7-channel capacitive touch panel, internal web page accessible through web browser, PC software (enSuite) for configuration, data logging, display and archive retrieval
Safety Approvals
Zone 1: Ex II 2G Ex d IIC T4 G
Metrological Approvals
NMi: OIML R140 Class A