Meet the FLOWSIC500 Ultrasonic Gas Meter



Gas flow meter and volume correction in one


Rugged and reliable due to lack of moving parts


Simple installation, compatible with conventional technologies (turbine and rotary meters)


Simplified recalibration due to straightforward cartridge exchange


Self-sufficient operation


Diagnostics and permanent operational check

FLOWSIC500 Ultrasonic Compact Gas  Meter

SICK FLOWSIC500 Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Ultimate Measurement Certainty for the Industrial User

Easy, Convenient, Reliable

The latest technology for the ultimate in measurement accuracy: The FLOWSIC500 ultrasonic compact gas meter from SICK enables extremely accurate natural gas distribution measurement. Thanks to its lack of mechanical moving parts, the FLOWSIC500 is rugged, reliable, and maintenance-free – allowing for a significant reduction in operating costs. 

  • All-in-One Corrector & Measurement Combined
  • Simple Installation = Lower Piping Costs & No Special Piping Requirements
  • Maintenance Free (no lubrication)
  • Improved Turndown and Rangeability
  • Cutting-edge Technology; Ultrasound
  • Measurement Canada Approved

 SICK Canada 

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Fields of Applications

1. Measuring stations in industrial and commercial applications

2. Applications where continuous gas supply must be ensured

3. Natural gas distribution in transfer and measuring stations for municipal and regional gas suppliers 

Examples of Applications

  • Monitoring of natural gas consumption
  • Natural gas flow
  • Gas flow metering
  • Gas flow measurement
  • Measuring gas consumption in engines

Technical Overview

Technical Data

Measured values:  Volume a. c., volumetric flow a. c., gas velocity, volume s. c. (*), volume flow under s.c. (*)

Measurement principle:  Ultrasonic transit time difference measurement

Measurement principle:  2G  |  (Class I, Division 1)

Gas temperature:  -25 degrees Celsius… +60 degrees  |   (Optional:  -40 degrees Celsius… +70 degrees)

Operating Pressure:  PN16 (EN 1092-1): 0 bar (g) … 16 bar(g)  |  Class 150 (ASME B16.5): 0 bar (g) … 20 bar (g)

Conformities:  MID: 2014/32/EU  OIML R 137-1&2:2012  |  EN 12405: 2010 (for integrated flow conversion)

Enclosure rating:  IP66

Modbus:  ✔
    Type of fieldbus integration:  RTU RS-485

Optical interface:  ✔
Corrective functions:  Volume correction
Diagnostics functions:  Permanent monitoring of measured values

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