CR Wall and Sealweld/Val Tex Announce Strategic Partnership

CR Wall is pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Sealweld/Val Tex, aimed at enhancing the customer experience. Serving the Canadian market, this partnership leverages our local distribution capabilities to offer customer-centric benefits, ensuring that high-quality products are more accessible with shorter shipping times and reduced lead times for faster delivery.


At CR Wall, we are committed to understanding and meeting the unique and diverse requirements of this industry. We achieve this by taking a comprehensive, tailored approach to ensure an outstanding customer experience. A key advantage of our partnership is our ability to secure significant stock to fulfill annual supply agreements, extending the competitive pricing that Sealweld/Val Tex is known for.


We offer flexible ordering options to accommodate various quantity needs, and our insights into local market trends and customer preferences further enhance our service offering. our digital marketplace, provides easy access to all Sealweld/Val Tex products including related documentation.  


In addition to our market expertise, CR Wall’s support services add value to your experience by providing comprehensive technical assistance, product training, and after-sales support. We ensure you have all the resources needed to effectively utilize and maintain your products.


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