GDCloud: Field Data is Business Data

Teledyne GDCloud™ combines the power of cloud-based automation with a simple and straightforward user experience to enable fast and secure data sharing, straightforward compliance reporting, and simplified field data analysis. As a result, users can spend less time retrieving data logs from the field and calibration results, enabling them to dedicate more time to addressing critical business matters

The integration of cloud connectivity significantly enhances field gas leak detection by visualizing all instrument data logging within Teledyne GDCloud™. Robust cybersecurity measures ensure that data security is consistently given top priority.

Ultimately, this new cloud connectivity capability from Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection enables powerful data analysis and visualization (via a dashboard) in a secure web-based environment. Gas utilities can now have access to their data, at any time and from anywhere, helping them to keep staff safe, implement changes and increase productivity.

1. Compliance Everywhere

Ensure safe, secure, and seamless monitoring of your instrument’s status.

2. Field Data Analysis Made Simple

Turning gas reading data into actionable insights for enhanced safety and efficiency. Effortless field data assessment and powerful analysis tools at your fingertips. 

3. Enhance Visualization with Breadcrumb Trail Mapping

Visualize data for leak detection surveys. Elevate post-survey analytics with secure time-stamped field evidence, and quickly create digital leak reports. 

3. Simplify Fleet Management

Improve operational efficiency with streamlined fleet management and intuitive reporting tools.

4. Deployed with Minimal IT Involvement & Easy Adoption for Existing Fleets

With no access required to your existing IT infrastructure, GDCloud is a complete end-to-end cloud solution.

Furthermore, unlock greater value in your fleet with effortless integration of ‘GDCloud’ to realize the power of cloud connectivity.

Content sourced from our partners at Teledyne Gas and Flame Detection

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