Trunnion Mounted and API 6D Ball Valves

Reliable and Rugged

Trunnion mounted ball valves feature additional support for the ball from the bottom. This support is called trunnion. The trunnion absorbs any pressure from the flow and keeps the ball constantly in the same position. The sealing is provided by spring-loaded seats. This design reduces the stress on the ball and seats of the valve and makes the sealing performance more stable and consistent, independently from the flow pressure. Trunnion mounted ball valves are ideal in high-pressure services, while allowing for low operating torque requirements.



  • Anti-blow out stem design
  • Carbon filled PTFE seats for zero leakage
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Redundant stem sealing to minimize the risk of stem leaks
  • Valves can be customized for valve automation or gear operators
  • All valves allow Double Block and Bleed according to API 6D
  • Anti-static device
  • Each valve features a unique serial number permanently stamped on the nameplate, allowing for full traceability
  • All valves are hydrostatically tested per API-6D: shell test and seat test
  • An additional low-pressure air test is performed to ensure tight sealing performance. Additional testing is available at the customer’s request
  • Test certificates are available for each valve
  • Valves body is all-welded, with no path for a potential leak when compared to threaded body valves.
  • The valve body is from forged pipes, with no risk of porosity and defects when compared to cast steel
  • Standard coating is a non-toxic water-based black primer, user-friendly and environmentally safe. Special coatings available and applied in-house


API 6D Ball Valves

API 6D is the globally recognized specification that defines the requirements for the design, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and documentation of ball valves and other types of valves for application in pipeline and piping systems for the petroleum and natural gas industries. The API Monogram Program identifies the finest organizations in the world that have demonstrated their ability to manufacture new equipment that conforms to API product specifications. The API approval also requires a Quality Management System that is compliant with API Spec Q1. A thorough audit by API is periodically required to maintain the Monogram. We are pleased to announce that for decades BROEN has maintained the API 6D Monogram (6D-0378).



  • Reliable ball valves design fully compliant with API 6D and CSA Z245.15-17 requirements
  • Anti-blow out stem design
  • Primary Metal Secondary Soft (PMSS) seats, with HNBR seal for zero leakage and extended lifespan.
  • Stem seal: four level barriers with o-rings and chevron packing, with Injection ports for lubrication, flushing, or emergency sealing (for valves 6” and larger)
  • All valves allow Double Block and Bleed according to API 6D
  • Fire-safe design
  • Anti-static device
  • Valves can be customized with actuators or gear operators
  • Standard coating is a non-toxic water-based black primer, user-friendly and environmentally safe. Specialty coatings available and applied in-house

Trunnion / API 6D Steel Ball Valves Specifications

Technical Data
Body Style (Trunnion)
Fully Welded Body
Materials (Trunnion)
Body: Carbon Steel
Ball and Stem: 304 Stainless Steel
Port Options (Trunnion)
Full Port
Size Range (Trunnion)
4″ up to 24″
ANSI 150 (285 PSI) up to ANSI 300 (740 PSI)
End Configurations (Trunnion)
Weld End
Flanged End
W x F
Seat Design (Trunnion)
PTFE Seats, Self-relieving
Additional Features(Trunnion)
In-house valve customization: Stem extensions, Special coating, Pups welding, Valve automation
Technical Data
Body Style (API 6D)
Fully Welded or Bolted Body
Materials (API 6D)
Body: Carbon Steel
Ball: A350 LF2 + ENP
Port Options (API 6D)
Full Port
Size Range (API 6D)
3/4″ up to 36″
ANSI 150 (285 PSI) up to ANSI 600 1480 PSI)
End Configurations (API 6D)
Weld End
Flanged End
W x F
(socket weld/threaded end on small sizes only)
Seat Design (API 6D)
Primary Metal Secondary Soft (PMSS) with modified HNBR seats, self-relieving or Double Piston Effect
Additional Features(API 6D)
Fire Safe per API 6FA
Seat and Stem injection ports for lubrication, sealing, flushing
Drain and Vent ports
Service Temp Range: -40F/250F
4-level sealing system on stem
DBB std. & DIB option
CRN Approval