Maintenance-Free Floating Ball Valves

BROEN BALLOMAX®, floating ball valves are designed specifically for natural gas distribution systems and are the best choice when it comes to steel ball valves. All floating ball valves feature an all-welded body with no potential leak path. BROEN BALLOMAX® Valves are long-lasting and maintenance-free.


Three Different Styles

Pipeline style:  The BROEN best-seller with endless configurations to fit most requirements
Premium style:  High-end valve made with extra-strong forged components. Short-pattern design is ideal for metering and regulating stations.
Utility style:  Cost-effective short pattern flanged end ball valve. Ideal to replace plug and iron body valves.



  • Competitive price
  • Most comprehensive range with any configuration
  • Welded body: no potential leak path (vs. threaded body offered by our competitors)
  • Redundant stem sealing with top o-ring replaceable with valve in service
  • All valves tested per API-6D in Houston
  • Stainless steel ball and stem as standard
  • Full customizations available: special length, special coatings, etc.

Floating / Maintenace Free Steel Ball Valves Specifications

Technical Data
Body Design
Fully Welded
Carbon Steel Body
304 stainless steel ball and stem
Size Range
3/4″ up to 8″
ANSI 150 (285 PSI) up to ANSI 300 (740)
End Configuations
Any Configuration:
Female threads
Weld end
Flanged end
Male thread x Weld end
Hot tap
Additional Features
Teflon seats (PTFE)
Serial number for full traceability
Operator options: T-slot, 2″ square nut, bare stem, gear operator
Locking plate with Powerstops
Service: -20F up to 250F
Zero maintenance