Precision densitometer proving with the Thermos Pycnometer

The Thermos Pycnometer measures the density of product including compressible, volatile liquids at high pressures and for proving the accuracy of liquid gravitometers and densitometers. The thermos type is excellent where there is a large differential between ambient and product temperatures.

Thermos Pycnometer Features

  • Twenty five years experience manufacturing high pressure precision pycnometers
  • Patented flow-through design that eliminates particles and gas. Always know you are weighing liquid only
  • All welded construction; valves are welded to prevent leaks and enhance volume accuracy
  • Low Tare Weight: easily handled by most electronic balances
  • High gloss polished finish to reduce false weighing’s due to dirt or grease adhering to the surface
  • Includes all metal welded case, two piece construction. Lined with high density foam for protection
  • Matching Safety Rupture Disc; same weight and lot as original disc
  • Vacuum insulated “pycnometer volume” for low temperature products and “boiling” liquids
  • Eliminates “sweating” of ambient air vapor on pycnometer walls
  • Retains a low Tare Weight


PSQ 4100 Pycnometer Scale

Electronic weighing scale with carrying case and plastic pycnometer adapter saddle.

P-2-1-1KS Pycnometer Weights

Two 1000 gram stainless steel weight and one 2000 gram class “1” stainless steel weight with traceable certificate, case and gloves.

P-2-2-1KS Pycnometer Weights

Two 2000 gram class “1” stainless steel and one 1000 gram stainless steel weights with traceable certificate, case and gloves.

P-2-2KS Pycnometer Weights

Two 2000 gram class “1” stainless steel calibration weights with traceable certification and gloves.

Pycnometer Recertification

We are proud to offer our pycnometer recertification service in partnership with Arcco Instrument Co. Our recertifications are performed according to API chapter 14.6 standards and entail complete documentation.

Your pycnometer will be fully serviced with a hydrostatic test, repair of valves, and replaced rupture disc. With maintenance and recertification, your pycnometer will be good as new.

Pycnometer Specifications

Technical data
Response Time
Less than 2 seconds
Operating Temperatures
40QF to 11OQF
Power Requirements
5 watts of 120 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz.
1 x 7.5 x 11 inches
10 pounds