Safety and reliability with the IRA-4SS automatic insertion probe regulator

The Welker IRA-4SS Probe Regulator is designed to provide an analyzer with a sample stream at an output pressure adequate for downstream instrumentation. The sample stream is regulated at the probe tip to minimize line pack and sample retention, allowing the regulated sample stream to reach the analyzer more quickly. The thermal fins mitigate the cooling brought on by the Joule-Thomson effect.


IRA-4SS Features

  • Provides properly conditioned sample stream
  • Insert and retract probe at full pipeline pressure
  • Easily adjustable to multiple insertion depths
  • Point of regulation occurs at the tip of the probe in the flowing stream
  • Probe design inhibits creation of free liquids and mitigates the Joule-Thomson effect
  • Diaphragm design for optimizing low-pressure output sensitivity

IRA-4SS Probe Specifications

Technical data
Materials of Construction
316/316L Stainless Steel
Seat Material
Seal Material
Pipeline Connection
Outlet Connection
Output Range Options
0-25 PSIG
0-50 PSIG
20-100 PSIG
Insertion Length Options
12” and 18”
Operating Pressure
2160 PSIG MAOP @ -20F to 120F
Probe Diameter
5/8” shaft
Industry Standards
Complies with API 14.1, GPA 2166, and ISO 10715