Safe and Reliable Automatic Insertion Devices from Welker

Welker Automatic Insertion Devices have been designed to safely insert a wide variety of permanently integrated or removable analytical instruments into pipe or process lines of all pressures and sizes. This unique design allows insertion and removal of the device from a high-pressure line, through a full open isolation valve, without line shutdown. The only power that is needed is the pressure in your pipe or process line.

Welker Automatic Insertion Devices are available in a wide variety of permanently integrated or removable models for adaption to virtually any type of pipe or process line inserted device.


Automatic Insertion Device Features

  • Allows insertion and retraction into a pipe or process line without having to depressurize the line or blow down to atmosphere
  • Works in liquid or gas
  • Screwed or flanged connections
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic operations
  • Designs for pressures up to 10,000 psi available
  • Quick and easy insertion utilizing line pressure, completely self contained (automated versions available)
  • Can be designed to tie into plant control systems for remote operations
  • Can be customized to fit any application

Automatic Insertion Device Specifications

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Automatic Insertion Devices
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