Fast response time and system safety with the VS/AM Relief Valve Series

The relief valves in the VS/AM Series (55, 56, 58, 65) are safety devices (SBV) for discharging a certain amount of gas when the pressure at the control point exceeds a given level (bubble-bursting pressure) due to any temporary occurrence such as the momentary shutting of the on/off valve and/or the overheating of the gas with no flow requirement.


VS/AM Series Features

  • Reduced overpressures, even at quite high flow rates
  • Fast response
  • Easy maintenance
  • Internal impulse
  • Access to the setting spring adjustment can be sealed if required
  • High setting pressures available

VS/AM Series Relief Valves Specifications

Technical data
VS/AM 55
See data sheet for details
VS/AM 56
See data sheet for details
VS/AM 58
See data sheet for details
VS/AM 65
Contact for data sheet