The Welker CleanFlow™ Instrument Grade Natural Gas System is designed to filter, dry, and regulate natural gas or instrument air for use as a pneumatic instrument supply. The system incorporates filters to remove unwanted elements from the instrument supply, as well as regulators to reduce the pressure of the supply prior to entering the instrumentation. This system utilizes a backup filter; when the primary filter requires maintenance, the backup filter is automatically placed into operation to prevent interruptions of operation.

The system may also be equipped with an optional gauge and relief valve that can be used to monitor the pressure of the pneumatic supply in the system. A drip pot upstream of the primary filter and a second filter downstream of the primary filter are options that can be added for increased liquid removal from the pneumatic supply. This additional free liquid removal will decrease the frequency of maintenance required for the filter cartridges.

CleanFlow™ Specifications

Technical data
Natural gas and instrument air supply systems
Materials of Construction
316/316L Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Brass, Viton®, PTFE Others available upon request
Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
1500 PSI @ -29°to 37°C (106 bar @ -20° to 100°F)
Maximum Allowable Operating Temp
1240 PSI @ 93°C (200°F @ 83 bar)
Flow Rate
40 to 50 cfm
Filter Media
Silica gel and activated charcoal
Others available upon request
Final Filtration
4 micron
Inlet and Outlet Connections
1/4” FNPT
Others available upon request
Relief Valve Outlet Connection (Optional)
1/4” NPT or others available upon request
Drip pot
Moisture Indicator
Pipe Stand
Pressure gauge with relief valve
Secondary Filter