Gas & Leak Detection

Calibration, verification and repair of portable and personal gas detection instruments


Training and certification for gas & leak detection equipment

Installation and calibration of fixed gas detection equipment

Sales and service of calibration software and equipment

Warranty service and repair

Technical consulting of products and solutions

Service For Your Gas & Leak Detection Equipment

CR Wall has calibration and repair labs in Calgary, AB and Cambridge, ON.  We also offer on-site services for most parts of Canada to offer the highest level of customer support for your gas detection equipment.

This includes personal safety monitors, gas detection and leak survey instruments as well as fixed gas detection systems.  

We offer full support on warranty and repair issues on the equipment we supply right here in Canada. 

All original manufacturer’s warranty service and repair is provided by our trained technicians at CR Wall.

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Calibration and Bump Test Accessories

CR Wall provides certified calibration and bump test accessories to maintain your gas detection equipment. This includes calibration and bump test gases, cups and tubing, as well as replacement parts such as sensors and filters.


Gas & Leak Detection Products

CR Wall offers a range of products that are carefully selected to meet our high standards of performance and reliability. With our in-depth knowledge of gas and leak detection, you can trust us to provide expert advice and recommendations tailored to your needs.


Operator Certification Training

Working with our manufacturing partners we are certified to offer operator certification training.  This training is typically offered on-site and includes both classroom and hands-on training on the proper use of equipment, calibration/bump, and maintenance.  The training is tailored to your SOP “Standard Operating Procedures” to include your best practices with manufacturer recommendations for a complete training experience.

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